Primary l86a1


The trigger is located before the magazine, which makes for a long barrel that gives the L86 FTS a greater effective range and accuracy.



Unlike Assault Rifles, Machine Guns have the ability to penetrate concentre barracks (like the ones in Dam), metals (useful in Factory), and etc.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

L86 FTS Normal Type Mk2 Mk3
Damage 60 60 60
Recoil 56 56 56
Fire Rate 64 64 64
Accuracy 50 50 50
Ammo 75/225 110/220 60/180
DPS 3840 3840 3840
Price 50000 SP 20000 SP 20000 SP
Unlock Condition SSG Rank (21st Rank) Get 40 L86 FTS kills Get 600 L86 FTS assists


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