On 4, September, 2015, Aeria Games terminated both Canadian and American servers for Solider Front 2. Little is known about this shut down. In early 2016, Aeria followed up with the termination of the original Soldier Front service.

Background Edit

The game carries many names (Soldier Front 2 in North America, S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 in Europe, Special Force 2 in Asia, with China being the only one calling it a different name, Tornado Force). However, the game was published by multiple companies. Soldier Front 2 was hosted by Aeria Games, SKILL is hosted by GameForge, and Special Force 2 is hosted by various companies like Asiasoft, CDC Games, and Netmarble Games.

Reasons For Termination Edit

The reasons for termination are not known. One "GameSage" stated that AeriaGame's lack of adaption led to the death of the game (taken from a post by Zimuus). However, the official reasons for the shutdown is unknown.

Soldier Front 1, however, saw a merge between three servers (Latin American, North American, and the Filipino servers). This led to hackers and high-ping players migrating and causing a generally unenjoyable experience that ultimately became one of the factors of the shutdown. AeriaGame's lack of regional enforcement also played a role.

Another speculation is that AeriaGame's neglect of the servers of is another reason for the server shutdowns of both games.

Reactions Edit

European players feared that North American players would migrate over to SKILL. In an official statement, GameForge implemented a regional IP ban that only allows European players to connect to GameForge's servers to prevent any migration.

Players on the North American servers have expressed disappointment in the shut down.

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