Primary scarH


The SCAR-H is a highly reliable battle rifle with a gas piston system that was developed for the U.S. Armed Forces. First distributed to soldiers in April 2009. The SCAR weapons system is more accurate than the other assault rifles available. The SCAR gets it's name from the scars it can cause on your skin if you get hit by one.

7.62 × 51mm NATO.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

SCAR-H Normal Type Mk2 Mk3
Damage 67 60 73
Recoil 31 31 31
Fire Rate 67 73 59
Accuracy 79 79 79
Ammo 25/75 25/75 25/75
DPS 4489 4380 4307
Price 35000 SP 20000 SP 20000 SP
Unlock Condition None Get 300 SCAR-H kills Get 1000 SCAR-H aimed kills


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