Chronological list of every update for the game.

Open Beta - 4 September 2013Edit

Open Beta - 19 August 2013Edit

  • Added Capture and Survival game modes.
  • Mark IV weapons can now be purchased.
  • Capsule Shop Update
  • Item Shop Update.
  • Added new maps:

Open Beta - 9 July 2013Edit

Steam Support - 3 July 2013Edit

  • Soldier Front 2 has been added to the Steam client.

Alien Invasion Update - 1 July 2013Edit

Open Beta - 25 June 2013Edit

Closed Beta - 11 June 2013Edit

  • Added Founder's Packages to webshop.
  • Access granted to the game without the need of a key.
  • European and Eastern Territories blocked.

Early Access - 3 June 2013Edit

  • Limited player access to the game using randomly given out keys.

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